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The European Commission has contracted Oeko-Institut together with Fraunhofer IZM in view of technical assistance for both, the evaluation of requests for exemptions submitted according to Article 5(1)(a) and for the evaluation of existing exemptions according to Article 5(1)(b).

This website is dedicated to carry out the consultations with stakeholders on the review of Annex III and IV

The ongoing consultations are

2021 Consultation 1


The following consultations are closed and the evaluations have been finalised. The results are still being processed by European commission:

2020 Consultation 2

2020 Consultation 1

2019 Consultation 4

2019 Consultation 3

2019 Consultation 2

2019 Consultation 1

2018 Consultation 3

2017 Consultation 2

2017 Consultation 1

2015 Consultation 2