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Interim Results of Substance Review

The “Study on the review of the list of restricted substances and to assess a new exemption request under RoHS 2 – Pack 15” includes 5 tasks, each of which is to generate certain deliverables.

The deliverables to be prepared through this study that are to be completed before the end of the project shall be published on this webpage. At the end of the project, a final report shall include all deliverables and shall be published on the Previous Reports webpage.


Please find the deliverables published so far below:

  • Substance Methodology Manual - Manual on the Methodology for Identification and Assessment of Substances for Inclusion in the List of Restricted Substances (Annex II) under the RoHS 2 Directive, published 26.09.2019

  • Cobalt dichloride and Cobalt sulphate, published 8.4.2020: PDF

  • Nickel sulphate and Nickel sulfamat, published 8.4.2020: PDF

  • Beryllium and its compounds, published 8.4.2020: PDF

  • Indium phosphide, published 8.4.2020: PDF

  • Tetrabromobisphenol-A, published 8.4.2020: PDF

  • Medium Chain Chlorinated Paraffins, published 8.4.2020: PDF

  • Diantimony trioxide, published 8.4.2020: PDF

  • Report on the Identification and Prioritisation of Substances for Inclusion in the List of Restricted Substances (Annex II) under the RoHS 2 Directive: Inventory and Prioritisation (draft), published 23.4.2020 and Substance Inventory and Prioritisation List (XLSX), published 30.4.2020

  • Methodology for supporting the assessment of exemption applications pursuant to the criteria in Article 5(1) of Directive 2011/65/EU: Exemption Evaluation Methodology, published 23.4.2020


Presentations from the final stakeholder webinar held on the 27 April 2020 are available here:

  • The agenda of the webinar is available here;
  • Project Overview presentation is available here;
  • Substance Inventory and Prioritisation presentation is available here;
  • Substance Assessment Overview (all dossiers) presentation is available here;
  • Exemption Evaluation Overview presentation is available here;

The aim of the webinar was to present the final results of the Substance Assessments and discuss the findings in a conclusive manner. No further revision cycle is foreseen. However, due to the virtual character of the meeting and its limitation for discussion, participating stakeholders were offered the additional possibility to provide final written comments on the overall results until a week after the meeting (5.5.2020).