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Request 15

"Hand crafted luminous discharge tubes (HLDT) used for signs, decorative or general lighting and light-artwork"

This section includes a questionnaire for a new RoHS exemption request. Stakeholders are requested to base their submissions on this questionnaire including as much comprehensive information as possible.



Information submitted in previous consultations 

This request is closely related to three previous requests submitted and handled in the still on-going projects 1 and 2.

The previous requests were all withdrawn, however some of the information submitted for these requests in the past may be found to be relevant for the present request.

Please see the information included under previous stakeholder consultations concerning the respectful exemption requests:

Project 1: Request 19

Project 2, Pack 1: Request 8 and Request 9


Contribution to the consultation

> Contribution of the Cold Cathode Lighting Association (CCLA), submitted 26 January 2012

> Contribution of NP Lighting, submitted 1 February 2013: Article Reference:

Hennig, R. & Schubert, F. (2012), Die Menge Macht's, Published in WERBETECHNIK, 1.2012, Pg. 72-73

>> Abstract

>Contribution of the European Lamp Companies Federation (ELC), submitted 1 February 2013

> Contribution by the EEB (European Environmental Bureau) and GPI (Green Purchasing Institute), submitted 2 February 2013