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Request 17a

"Lead in glass of electronic components and fluorescent tubes, or in electronic ceramic parts (including dielectric ceramic capacitors) used in industrial monitoring & control instruments (only sub-category 9 industrial); exemption to expire in 2024"

This request was part of a previous project. A stakeholder consultation is necessary to allow review of changes to wording and/or new information, before revaluation of the request.

It should be noted that though the previous request was applied for category 9 products, it was later established that the exemption is in need by the applicant only for sub-category 9 industrial. As it is important to establish if this exemption is in need for applications beyond the scope of this subgroup, the original application and questionaire has been included.

This section therefore includes new information from the applicant, information from the original request evaluation, as well as a questionaire concerning the origial request. Stakeholders are requested to base their submissions on this questionnaire including as much comprehensive information as possible.

This section also includes the results of previous consultations as far as available to Öko-Institut and Fraunhofer IZM. These results can be used to trace back the history and rationale that led to a certain exemption. Please be aware that the excerpts may include parts of other chapters not related to the exemption before or after the chapter relevant for the specific exemption.

Results previous evaluation

> Excerpt from Öko-Institut report 2009 (PDF)


Contribution to the consultation

Contributions from Current Stakeholder Consultation (2012-4)

> Contribution by the Danish Ministry of the Environment submitted 15 February 2013

> Contribution from JEITA, CIAJ, JEMA & JBMIA submitted 15 February 2013

JEITA (Japan Electronics & Information Technology Industries Association)

CIAJ (Communications and Information Network Association of Japan)

JEMA (Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association)

JBMIA (Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association)


Contributions from Previous Stakeholder Consultation (2012-1)

> Contribution by Test & Measurement Coalition submitted 19 March 2012