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Request 2013-4

"Mercury used in high speed rotating electrical connectors (slip ring) with  electrical conduction paths that have sealed liquid mercury, molecularly bonded to the contacts."

This section includes a questionnaire for a new RoHS exemption request. Stakeholders are requested to base their submissions on this questionnaire including as much comprehensive information as possible.


Contribution to the consultation

> Contribution by Moog Components Group, submitted 01.10.2013

>> Submitted answers to questionnaire

> Background information by Moog Components Group, submitted 02.10.2013

>> Paper presented at the 58th IEEE Holm Conference on Electrical Contacts: "High Speed Data Across Sliding Electrical Contacts". More

>> Application note on "FIBER BRUSHES: The Low Maintenance, Long Life, High Power Slip Ring Contact Material"

> Contribution by Swedish Ministry of Environment, submitted 11.11.2013, PDF