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Stakeholder's comments on Antimony


  • EE applications of Sb compounds_Antimony Association, PDF
  • Antimony_Antimony Association, PDF
  • Antimony in polyvinyl formulations_Nexans, PDF
  • Antimony in panel und funnel glass_Samsung, PDF
  • Antimony in glass details_TDP, PDF
  • Antimony in extra-clear glass_Guardian Llodio, PDF
  • Antimony in connectors_Weidmueller, PDF
  • Antimony in ceramic blocks for surge arrester_ABB Switzerland, PDF
  • Antimony for manufacture of PVC stabilizators_ASUA, PDF
  • Antimony in cables_Nexan, PDF
  • BiT AG_Statement on Antimony trioxide, PDF
  • IAOIA RoHS letter oct 2007, PDF
  • Leoni Cable statement on antimony, PDF
  • Recycling of antimony_Umicore, PDF
  • Sb-Ni-Co in solder_AIM, PDF
  • Statement on Antimony_Siltronic, PDF
  • Statement on antimony trioxisw in special glass_Schott, PDF
  • Statement on Sodium antimonate_Umicore, PDF