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Exemption 32

"Lead oxide in seal frit used for making window assemblies for Argon and Krypton laser tubes"

This section includes a questionnaire for a new RoHS exemption request. Stakeholders are requested to base their submissions on this questionnaire including as much comprehensive information as possible.


Applicant's documents

Applicant 1: JDS Uniphase Corporation

> Original exemption request

> Additional information provided after first questions for clarification:

>> Further information by applicant


Applicant 2: Coherent Inc.

> Original exemption request

 >> Further information by applicant (public version provided, in delay)

Results from previous evaluations

> Excerpt from Oeko-Institut report 2011 (PDF)


Contributions to the consultation

> Contribution by JBCE – Japan Business Council in Europe in a.i.b.l, submitted 15 October 2015, PDF

> Contribution by Test & Measurement Coalition, General comments related to RoHS exemption package 9, submitted 19 October 2015, PDF